Blocked Drains in Need of Assistance in St. Johns Wood? Call St. Johns Wood Plumbers!

Blocked Drains Cleaning, St Johns Wood, nw8 & nw6

Blocked drains and drains in need of cleaning can cause a whole slew of costly and hazardous drainage problems, particularly in older structures at risk for collapsed drains. Luckily for residents of the St. Johns Wood, NW8, NW6, St. Johns Wood Plumbers has drainage engineers ready to remedy your situation!

Servicing the St. Johns Wood area is our pleasure, and our work comes with a full guarantee of long-lasting results as well as quality speedy service. If your blockage needs clearing as fast as possible, we are happy to locate our nearest drainage engineer to you and to send them right over; thus cutting travel time and getting your drain cleared faster.

Drain Cleaning

All drains need cleaning, even those that dont seem to be blocked or effected by blockage. Substances such as grease, dirt, food particles, and lime scale can easily build up within your drains causing blockages, damage, pest and insect infestations, and even potential drain collapse. Drains should be cleaned regularly by a professional service to keep them running smoothly and efficiently; saving the owner of the structure a multitude of other possible problems. At St. Johns Wood Plumbers, we fully equip the vans of our drainage engineers with high powered pressure jetting machines proficient in cleaning many different types of drains in order to save from blockages, or even for cleaning out the blockages themselves.

With all of the century and centuries old structures in the St. Johns Wood area, drainage crumble and collapse is a likely reality. At St. Johns Wood Plumbers, we are proud to use state of the art CCTV technology to easily identify any of these problem areas easily, quickly, and in a cost efficient manner.

Dirty and Blocked Drains Can Cause Big Problems

Blocked drains can cause a multitude of different problems to many areas of any structure. If you have hard water, a block can not only cause damage to your drains, but also to your sinks or tubs. Sitting hard water causes corrosion, which can affect your structure as easily as it can your drains.

Particularly in kitchens, dirty drain areas can also attract insects and pests. Kitchen drains are often lined with food particles and grease, whose scent will bring about a variety of nasty things. Drain flies are a particularly difficult pest to get rid of, and are attracted to dirty drains.

Drain blockages are not only damaging to the structure of your home or business, they are also unsanitary. The water which will back up in a blockage is dirty used water, and these back-ups can cause flooding leading to human exposure to the soiled water. Also, if this type of flooding does occur, it can greatly damage the wiring in your building as well as potentially damaging your appliances irreparably.

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